PrimaryMarkets Escrow Services

PrimaryMarkets Escrow facilitates the flow of sale proceeds from Buyers to Sellers.

By utilising PrimaryMarkets Escrow funds from a Buyer will be held in escrow with one of the largest ASX listed independent and diversified financial services group (market cap >A$2B) (Escrow Agent) in a bank account with either ANZ or Westpac. 

The funds will not be released from escrow until BOTH the Seller and the Buyer have confirmed to the Escrow Agent that they wish to proceed to completion of the transaction and that the funds may be disbursed by the Escrow Agent as directed by the Seller.

The fee for this PrimaryMarkets Escrow service is paid on completion from the Sale Consideration.

To be clear, PrimaryMarkets never touches or controls these escrow funds rather BOTH the Buyer and the Seller each retain full control and ownership at all relevant times.

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Who is the Escrow Agent?

AML and KYC Requirements

Completion of a transaction using PrimaryMarkets Escrow?

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Does PrimaryMarkets touch or control the Escrow Account or Escrow funds?

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Australian Licences to operate an Escrow Service

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