Buyer Status Verification

To be a Buyer Member on the Buyer is required to be “on-boarded” as a qualified party entitled to transact on the PrimaryMarkets platform, being a more experienced investor able to evaluate investment opportunities without the need or statutory requirement for a prospectus or other regulated disclosure documents.

As part of the evolution of the platform, we are now "live" with Buyer Status Verification which facilitates the fully digital process of “on-boarding” all Buyer Members to interact and transact with the PrimaryMarkets platform.

PrimaryMarkets requires all Buyer Members to be classified as one of the following:

  • Wholesale/Sophisticated Investor;
  • Professional/Institutional Investor;
  • Experienced Investor; or
  • Qualified Institutional Buyer (QIB) or Accredited Investor.

If you have been asked to complete the Buyer Verification form, you can do so here.

Buyer Status Verification – Regulatory Requirements

To apply for Buyer Status Identification

What are the advantages of PrimaryMarkets Buyer Status Verification? 

To be classified a Wholesale or Sophisticated Investor the Buyer Member must:

To be classified a Professional/Institutional Investor the Buyer Member must:

To be classified an Experienced Investor the Buyer Member must:

Who is a Qualified Institutional Buyer (QIB) or Accredited Investor?


What details does a Buyer need to provide for Buyer Status Verification?

What is PrimaryMarkets fee for Buyer Status Verification?

How can a Buyer be sure their data remains secured?

Australian Licence to operate the Buyer Status Verification process

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