PrimaryMarkets provides Sellers a platform for liquidity across our Five Pillar Coverage in Investments and Securities that are often tough-to-trade.

Our platform centralises a global channel for Sophisticated, Professional and Institutional / QIB and Accredited investors who may actively source off-market opportunities.

Relevant Market Footprints – PrimaryMarkets is a leader in global virtual sourcing to expose your Asset Offering to tailored demand and global visibility.

Seller’s Transaction Controls – Dynamically determines listing prices, who can participate, what quantities, and when to transact and settle.

Disclosure Safeguards – Confidential data rooms for customised sale offers (upload key terms, presentations, information memoranda, titles, financial models and maintaining disclosure regimes).

Market Integrity – Final terms of all transactions are negotiated directly between Seller and Buyer on transparent basis and in real time.

Introduction Commission Fee Structure – Fee is only upon transaction completion. No membership, joining or listing fees (unless raising new equity/debt/hybrid).

PrimaryMarkets gets paid a market based introduction fee that is only payable by Seller at a rate determined by transaction value and only upon a successful sale.

PrimaryMarkets delivers full customer service and regulatory assurance as an Authorised Representative of an Australian Financial Services Licence as well by operating within conditions and requirements of ASIC Class Order 02/273.

Why not become a Seller Member with PrimaryMarkets and let us find the institutional, wholesale, high-net-worth investor(s) better aligned for ownership of your Tough-to-Trade/Illiquid assets?

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