Pilot manufacturing plant to produce high-purity alumina for batteries and LEDs


QUT researchers have partnered with mining company Lava Blue and the Innovative Manufacturing CRC (IMCRC) to set up a pilot plant to transform kaolin clay into high-purity alumina (HPA) which is used to make LEDs and Lithium ion batteries.

Project leader Dr Sara Couperthwaite said the two-year pilot plant study, to be built at QUT’s Banyo Pilot Plant facility, aimed to show that the process had better economic and environmental outcomes than conventional production routes.

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Haoma Mining Ecosystem and Share Registry


PrimaryMarkets Pty Limited (PrimaryMarkets) has today established the Haoma Mining NL (Haoma) Ecosystem (Private Trading Hub) on our platform joining other ecosystems of blue-chip unlisted companies/funds such as Tyro, Planet Innovation, Blooms the Chemist, AIRR and BlackWall.

In addition, PrimaryMarkets’ subsidiary PrimaryLedger Limited (digital registry services with ethereum blockchain/tokenised ownership title) will take over the share registry services for Haoma and its shareholders.

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Liquidity for Local Unicorns


PrimaryMarkets offers liquidity for local unicorns

As the ASX continues to face heat for hosting some questionable tech IPO's, one Australian firm is looking to capitalise by encouraging local companies to stay private for longer.

PrimaryMarkets is a platform for delivering liquidity to unlisted securities and investments, matching buyers and sellers in a secure, tightly controlled environment. It specialises in assets that may be difficult to sell or cumbersome to market. According to the company, in the past an informal, non-secure, ad hoc process would be the only way to deal in "grey-market" or pre-IPO shares.

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PrimaryMarkets - Issues Blockchain/Tokenised Title Holding Certificates to its Shareholders


PrimaryMarkets Limited (PrimaryMarkets) is delighted to announce that yesterday all shareholders of PrimaryMarkets were issued blockchain/tokenised immutable ownership title to their respective shareholdings in PrimaryMarkets – accessed via the web or an iPhone and viewed either as a PDF or in the Apple Wallet.

This means that each of our shareholders has been issued an Ethereum Blockchain/Tokenised Digital Financial Instrument (i.e. digital share certificate) for their respective shareholdings.


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Tyro appoints Robbie Cooke as Chief Executive Officer


Sydney, Australia, 23 January 2018 – Tyro, Australia’s fast-growing business bank, today announced the appointment of Robbie Cooke as its new CEO. It is expected that Robbie will join Tyro at the end of March 2018, upon conclusion of his current role with Tatts Group.

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Salmat Limited (ASX:SLM) today announces that it has entered into an agreement to sell MessageNet Pty Limited - the Salmat Group SMS business - Message4U Pty Limited trading as MessageMedia for $14.8 million.

The sale is aligned to Salmat's current strategic priorities, which are aimed at strengthening and innovating the core business for long term sustainable growth......

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The Latest Path to Silicon Valley Riches: Stake Sales


Entrepreneurs, venture investors reap riches through secondary sales in startups, rather than waiting for IPO

To reap riches in Silicon Valley, entrepreneurs and venture investors typically had to wait until their startup was acquired or went public.

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Many Didn't Learn Lessons of 1987


Many Didn't Learn Lessons of 1987

The personal anecdotes about the impact of the 1897 share-market crash should reach a crescendo in Sydney on Friday when the Australian Stockbrokers Foundation hosts a lunch to "celebrate" the largest one-day fall in the history of exchange trading....

One of the more humorous stories came from Gavin Solomon, founder of a platform for trading illiquid securities and assets, who on the Tuesday when the crash hit Australia, bought a brand new 944 Porsche valued at $70,000 for $20,000 from a broker who had a big margin call. "I drove home and my wife hated it." Solomon says. "The broker in question is now worth $50 million to $100 million, is retired and living in Switzerland, while I am still working. Go figure." 

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Bondi Born, Seafolly, Jets, Tigerlily: Australian beach brands prized by private equity


From afar, the motley crew of sleep-deprived, yet patientqueuers gave no indication of what they were queuing for. Frocked-up fashionistas lined up alongside the homeless;

cashed-up international students waited next to wide-eyed Airtaskers; avid luxury merchandise on-sellers ostentatiously displayed their wads of $50 and $100 notes.
This odd microcosm of fashion society played out in June, in the middle of the iconic Sydney beachside suburb of Bondi.

You can access a PDF version here:


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Ten years since the global financial crisis, world still suffers 'debt overhang'


It is almost exactly 10 years since the financial world began a wobble that would swing into what we now know as the global financial crisis. On June 22, 2007, the public downfall of New York-based global investment bank Bear Stearns began in earnest. America's then fifth-largest investment bank was among a number of Wall Street giants exposed to bad bets on the US subprime mortgage market.

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