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Completed $3.75M placement at $0.07 per share for project expansion. Completed May 2021.

Lithium Refinery Cleantech forms part of Zeotech Dual-Pilot Plant Program. Announced May 2021


Zeotech Limited (ASX:ZEO) holds proprietary mineral processing technology developed by UQ The University of Queensland, for the low-cost production of advanced materials ‘synthetic zeolites’ and aims to utilise their unique properties for a sustainable future .

The strategy focuses on developing innovative environmental management solutions, which include including cleantech for lithium refineries to commercially manage by-product residue and exploring economically viable carbon capture and conversion solutions, underpinned by low-cost ‘adsorbents and catalysts’ manufactured using Zeotech’s patent-pending technology.

Synthetic zeolites are manufactured aluminosilicate minerals with a sponge-like structure (frameworks), made up of tiny pores that make them useful as adsorbents, catalysts and ultrafine filters.
  • Partnership with The University of Queensland
  • Intellectual Property Portfolio, which includes: Synthesis of Adsorption Materials (PCT lodged May 2020) and Leached spodumene residue treatment (Australian Provisional Patent lodged October 2020)
  • Targeting $A2.6bn global market.
  • Currently undertaking dual-feed pilot plant program, which includes kaolin (offtake strategy) and lithium process residue (licencing strategy).

Product Information

Current Projects

  • Synthetic Zeolite - Zeotech aims to become Australia’s first manufacturer of synthetic zeolites and holds novel and proprietary mineral processing technologies, developed by The University of Queensland, for the manufacture (synthesizing) of synthetic zeolites. The patent-pending technologies possess the potential to significantly reduce the cost of manufacturing zeolites, compared to conventional production processes.
  • Partnership with The University of Queensland - Zeotech (ZEO) values its close working relationship with The University of Queensland (UQ), which through UniQuest is a major shareholder with 6.44% of issued capital. This partnership places the company at the forefront of environmental mineral process technology development. Zeotech and UQ are exploring a range of environmental management solutions, with a focus on cleantech and carbon capture and conversion, using low-cost adsorbents.
  • Kaolinite is an industrial mineral belonging to the group of aluminosilicates. The term kaolin is used to describe a group of relatively common clay minerals, primarily kaolinite and is produced by the chemical weathering of aluminium silicate minerals like feldspar. It is a soft, earthy, usually white, mineral (dioctahedral phyllosilicate clay).
  • Kaolin is an optimal feedstock for Zeotech’s mineral processing technology for the low-cost production of synthetic zeolites

  • TEAM

    • Sylvia Tulloch BSc. MSc. (Non-Executive Chairman)
    • Robert Downey B.Ed. LL.B (Hons) (Non-Executive Director)
    • Peter Zardo MAICD (Managing Director)
    • Dr. John Vogrin B.E. (Hons) PhD. Chemical Engineering (Project Manager)
    Registered Office
    Level 27 Santos Place
    32 Turbot Street,
    Brisbane, Queensland, 4000
    T: (+61) 7 3181 552

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