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BioCure Technology Inc. Announces New President
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BioCure Technology Inc. commences Dual Listing in Germany and Announces New Contracts

Management & Board

Sang Mok Lee, CEO & President, Director

Dr. Lee has been a President and CEO since the inception in 2005. Dr. Lee holds a PhD in microbiology from Busan National University in Korea and is currently an adjunct professor in microbiology at Chungnam National University. Dr. Lee isa committee member for the hi-tech medical complex city in Daejon, Korea and a committee member of KOFST (the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies).

Konstantin Lichtenwald, CFO, Director

Mr. Lichtenwald has over ten years of finance and accounting experience, including corporate compliance, accounting and financial management and IPO, RTO services. Mr. Lichtenwald offers extensive knowledge and know-how for companies in two key financial jurisdictions, North America and German speaking parts of Europe. His accounting, financial skills offer a multi-faceted hands on approach to strategic management and problem solving.

Mr. Lichtenwald earned his bachelor of business administration degree from Pforzheim University, Germany, and holds the professional designation of Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CGA) and Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA), where he is a member of Chartered Professional Accountants of B.C. and Canada as well as a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants of United Kingdom.

Collin (Sang Goo) Kim, Director

Mr. Kim holds a bachelor degree of business administration from Korea University, Seoul, Korea. Mr. Kim came to Vancouver, Canada in 2006 after working for Hanwha Corp., one of Korean business conglomerates for 16 years, where he was dedicated to International trading business for various industrial products.

He has been working as a Vice President for Columbia Capital since 2008 and a director of ArcPacific Resources Corp., a public Canadian junior exploration company, since 2015. He is imperative in the communication between Korean management and Canadian management cross the border with his vast knowledge and work experience.

Began Unal, Director

Mr. Unal brings an impressive and diverse resume, including over 10 years of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry and solid connections to global leaders in the biopharmaceutical sector. He studied bioprocess engineering and medical biotechnology at Berlin Technical University of Applied Sciences, Hamburg University of Technology and Imperial College London.

Currently, he is acting and will continue as the business development director for biologics, gene and cell therapy of GenScript Biotech, a global leading biotech company, and Mr. Unal has been involved in the processes that provide end-to-end solutions from discovery to commercialization. His experience is a welcomed addition to the company's team. Prior to joining GenScript Biotech, he worked for biotech companies in Switzerland and Germany.

Danny Joh, Director

After completing a PhD in Biochemistry at Texas A&M university and an MBA at Rice University, Danny Joh moved to the San Francisco area to build a career in the biopharma industry. For twenty years, he has expanded his biopharma product development and cross-functional program management experiences while working for major biopharma companies, including Chiron, Genentech, Biomarin, Sangamo and other biotech companies in the San Francisco area. His experience spans from early to late stage product development in various platforms, including biologics, small molecules, and gene therapy across many therapeutic areas, including cancer and rare genetic disorders. He is a welcomed addition to our seasoned team of Management and brings a wealth of experience to our Board.

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